The Body Fuel System is a blueprint to understanding how food works in your body and how to use and apply that information on a daily basis so you can achieve and maintain your ideal weight, get out of a fat-storing state and into a fat-burning one, feel great about the choices you make with food, and vastly increase your health. visit for more information

It includes a 200 page, 2-part downloadable book that covers everything you need for success – Part one includes the Lean, Sexy Shredded Manual, the Food Avengers Kit, and the Failproofing your Fuel System Formula where you’ll find out about food allergies, gluten, dairy, soy, grains, how to save money at the grocery store, dialing in the system for weight loss and workouts, how to make it work on a time schedule, how the nutrients you need function like a superhero team, dealing with cravings, eating out and SO MUCH MORE. Check out 8020 fat loss if you want to lose weight quickly.

What is LadyBoss Fuel?

Ladyboss Fuel is a pre-workout drink specifically formulated to women. LadyBoss makes bold claim that it enhances mood, reduces stress, all without jitters or dizziness.

Drink it before your next workout to achieve greater energy and enhanced mood. You can break through that plateau and lose the weight you want with the entire Ladyboss Bun & other product line.

Part two is a 30-day meal plan that you can customize to suit your lifestyle – with 4 weeks of shopping lists, 4 weeks of food prep, tons of my very own Fitness Food recipes (includes pescetarian and vegetarian options) and a daily guide to help you put it all together.