Welcome to MotoSkagit; the blog about motorcycling in Skagit county. I am your host, Benthe Strandberg, and I look forward to sharing with you news, events, rides and opinions about the Skagit motorcycle community.A little about me. I have lived in Skagit since 1993 and have been riding motorcycles off and on since 1976. I currently ride a Candy Red 2003 Honda VTX1800 Retro. I ride as much as I can year-round, rain or shine. Due to time constraints (no, blogging does not pay the bills so I do have a day job) most of my riding is local; i.e. Skagit, Island and Whatcom counties.

I have been writing about motorcycles since 2005 on my other blog, NorthwestCycleNews.com. I am also a contributing blogger at MotorcycleBloggers.com. Unlike these sites, which have regional or national audiences, MotoSkagit will focus sharply on topics relevant to riders in Skagit county.

Be sure to read the blog for the latest news and opinions. Check out the calendar for local motorcycle events, and rides. You will also see some opinions. Some of which you will agree with and some of which you won’t. That’s cool. I encourage you to participate in the conversation by leaving comments or joining the discussion in the forums. I also encourage you to send me information about local events and news. Just drop me a line, my email address is: benthe@MotoSkagit.com